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Strategic Domain-Driven Design Tools For Non‑DDD People

Thursday, 29th October, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by Skills Matter Online Meetups in October 2020


This Thursday's Matter is ... DDD for non-technical people.

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THE FORMAT A 40-minute expert talk followed by a Q&A session

Strategic Domain-Driven Design Tools For Non-DDD People

Learn how to gain the benefits of Domain-Driven Design to create a loosely-coupled architecture without needing to read any books on the topic.

DDD has a reputation for being esoteric and hard to grasp for newcomers. So the community has been working hard to simplify the user experience for people new to DDD by providing practical tools like the Bounded Context Canvas which even people with no prior DDD experience can benefit from to design loosely-coupled microservices.

These tools will provide you with instant value. You can use them right away on the systems you are building. The tools also help you on the path to mastery of DDD. And all of the tools are open source and creative commons, so nobody is trying to sell you anything.

You can also check out the Miro board used in the session here.

Nick Tune

Nick is a technical leader, author, speaker and trainer. He helps If you need help building autonomous teams, modelling complex domains, consulting, training, or public speaking.He has a passion for delighting users, creating business impacts, crafting quality software, and building world-class engineering teams.

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