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Arthas: Inside Alibaba's Java Diagnostic Tool

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Thursday, 24th September, Online Meetup

This meetup is organised by Thursday's Matter Starts at 16:00 (UTC)


This Thursday's Matter is ... Arthas — an open-source JVM diagnostic tool used by e-commerce giant Alibaba.

Thursday's Matter is a virtual meetup on the topics that truly matter to today's developers. Join us every Thursday when we'll be joined by an expert from around the globe. Each week we'll explore topics such as functional languages, mobile development, agile methodologies and machine learning.

THE FORMAT A 40-minute expert talk followed by a Q&A session

Arthas: Inside Alibaba’s Java Diagnostic Tool

Alibaba — the Chinese colossus of e-commerce — recently open-sourced Arthas, a diagnostic tool for the JVM, which they use in production for find and solves issues. In this live tools-in-action talk come and discover how Arthas works as we diagnose the behavior of a Java application.

You will see the Arthas CLI in action to find, diagnose, debug and solves coding issues and discover performance bottlenecks.

Loic Mathieu

IT Consultant at Zenika, previously software architect for 9 years, Java developer for 16 years. Quarkus core maintainer. Passionate, techno geek, love to learn new things and share my knowledge.

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