Meet up

Cool Projects in April

Monday, 23rd April at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by Find Your Ninja Project in April 2012



Mark Allen

Mark Allen is the Digital Director of Beyond - a digital agency with offices in London, San Francisco and New York.


Rob Bowley

Rob Bowley is Head of Development at 7digital.


Colin Grossman

Colin Grossman has 12 years of experience as an IT Consultant, Project Director and Head of Development across organisations as diverse as PwC Consulting, IBM,, and Huddle.

Ian Cooper

Polyglot Coding Architect in London, founder of #ldnug, speaker, tabletop gamer, geek. Tattooed, pierced, and bearded. The 'guv' on @BrighterCommand


Michael Delaney

Michael Delaney is CTO of Elevate, a next generation SAAS company. He manages all technical direction and development for the elevate platform.


Neil Ferguson

Neil Ferguson is a development lead at Causata, where he helps to develop software that provides real-time access to vast quantities of customer data.


Nick Hines

Nick Hines is the CTO of Innovation at ThoughtWorks. Working as part of the Office of Technology Nick is responsible for harvesting and developing technical innovations from ThoughtWorks projects around the world.

Lightning Talks: Simply Business

Lukas Oberhuber

Lukas joined Simply Business as Chief Technology Officer in September 2010 with the aim of increasing flexibility and agility of the organisation through technology. Since joining he has implemented a number of new systems and processes including Agile and Build-Measure-Learn, transforming the speed and efficiency of new product development.

Apps for Good

Iris Lapinski

Iris is the founder of Apps for Good, an award-winning and exponentially growing education programme where young people in schools learn to create apps that solve problems they care about and change their world.

John Rotherham

John Rotherham is Technical Advisor and Consultant Product Manager at Apps for Good. He is also the founder of Suffolk Creative, a product management services business that provides consulting, contractors & training.


Brendan Sterne

Brendan Sterne is the Manager of London Engineering and Product Development.

Formerly Architect in the Bazaarvoice Innovation Labs


Steve Webster

Steve Webster has been the the Web Architect for LOVEFiLM for the past 2 and a bit years, taking care of the website codebase and building new infrastructure to help the service to continue to scale.


Adrian Withy

Adrian Withy is responsible for leading software development of the MG-ALFA UK development team (part of Milliman). There he champions product vision and provides technical expertise in the development of MG-ALFA grid computing technologies.

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