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Cool Projects in April

Monday, 23rd April at Skills Matter, London

This meetup is run by Find Your Ninja Project. Starts at 6:30 PM.

At this evening event, in a series of 3-minute lightning sessions approximately 10 Tech Companies will pitch their coding projects to software developers looking for interesting projects using progressive technologies.

Lightning Talks: Simply Business

Simply Business’ impressive growth and dynamic web culture has ensured that they are the UK’s largest and fastest growing on-line commercial insurance broker, attracting an impressive and high calibre Tech Team.

Lukas Oberhuber

Lukas joined Simply Business as Chief Technology Officer in September 2010 with the aim of increasing flexibility and agility of the organisation through technology. Since joining he has implemented a number of new systems and processes including Agile and Build-Measure-Learn, transforming the speed and efficiency of new product development.


Huddle is the leader in enterprise cloud collaboration and content management. Using Huddle, you can securely manage projects, share files and collaborate with people across the firewall.

Colin Grossman

Colin Grossman has 12 years of experience as an IT Consultant, Project Director and Head of Development across organisations as diverse as PwC Consulting, IBM, lastminute.com, last.fm and Huddle.

Ian Cooper

Ian Cooper has over 20 years of experience delivering Microsoft platform solutions in government, healthcare, and finance. When he is not writing C# code he is also the and founder of the London .NET user group.


Tapping into the burgeoning demand for digitally delivered media, 7digital operates both direct-to consumer services as well as powering a diverse range of media services for a growing number of global partners.

Rob Bowley

Rob Bowley is Head of Development at 7digital.

Apps for Good

Apps for Good is an award-winning and exponentially growing education programme where young people in schools learn to create apps that solve problems they care about and change their world. We currently operate in 40 schools training 1,300 students but are aiming for 10,000 students by the 2012/2013 school year and a global movement from 2013 onwards.

Iris Lapinski

Iris is the founder of Apps for Good, an award-winning and exponentially growing education programme where young people in schools learn to create apps that solve problems they care about and change their world.

John Rotherham

John Rotherham is Technical Advisor and Consultant Product Manager at Apps for Good. He is also the founder of Suffolk Creative, a product management services business that provides consulting, contractors & training.


MG-ALFA (part of Milliman) provides the market-leading life insurance modelling tool for actuaries. With recent inroads into the European market, we are looking to expand our development presence with a fulltime team in London.

Adrian Withy

Adrian Withy is responsible for leading software development of the MG-ALFA UK development team (part of Milliman). There he champions product vision and provides technical expertise in the development of MG-ALFA grid computing technologies.


Beyond are a digital agency with offices in London, San Francisco and New York. We work with some of the biggest brands and technology partners in the world. Including...Apple, Google, YouTube, RIM, EMI, GE, American Express, Hilton, Facebook, Cisco, Kiehls, UBS, Guggenheim, eBay, Mail Online, NSPCC.

Mark Allen

Mark Allen is the Digital Director of Beyond - a digital agency with offices in London, San Francisco and New York.


Elevate is a next generation SAAS platform for IT contractors and hiring clients, built using Amazon Web Services. Contractors build profiles which clients can search on and contact directly via the platform, reducing the current dependency on 3rd parties such as agencies and job-boards. Payment services are also built in, via a global payments partner.

Michael Delaney

Michael Delaney is CTO of Elevate, a next generation SAAS company. He manages all technical direction and development for the elevate platform.


ThoughtWorks - The custom software experts. A company wholly devoted to the art and science of custom software. We make it, and we make our clients better at it. Our bottom line is to design and deliver software fast and predictably.

Nick Hines

Nick Hines is the CTO of Innovation at ThoughtWorks. Working as part of the Office of Technology Nick is responsible for harvesting and developing technical innovations from ThoughtWorks projects around the world.


LOVEFiLM is an Amazon company and is the leading European film subscription service with over 2 million members in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. LOVEFiLM members have generated over 80 million film ratings and written more than 1 million reviews.

Steve Webster

Steve Webster has been the the Web Architect for LOVEFiLM for the past 2 and a bit years, taking care of the website codebase and building new infrastructure to help the service to continue to scale.


Bazaarvoice is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that enables consumers to engage with retailers and manufacturers by posting reviews, asking / answering questions, and sharing their stories. Our software is integrated into 1000+ of the biggest brand sites on the web, including John Lewis, Thomas Cook, Boots and many more.

Brendan Sterne

Brendan Sterne is the Manager of London Engineering and Product Development. Formerly Architect in the Bazaarvoice Innovation Labs


Causata is a well-funded 3-year old startup with headquarters in Silicon Valley but the whole engineering team (currently 15, but growing fast) in Victoria, London. We combine big data, low latency, and machine learning, to drive real-time marketing decisions - what to show on a website, whether to send an email, what to suggest at a store checkout, etc.

Neil Ferguson

Neil Ferguson is a development lead at Causata, where he helps to develop software that provides real-time access to vast quantities of customer data.

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