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Lean Code: How to Code Efficiently

Thursday, 22nd October, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by Thursday's Matter in October 2020


This Thursday's Matter is... lean code. In this edition Joan Anagbla uses Express.js to show the benefits of Lean Code while drawing lessons from his work developing Drepakin a healthcare app for sickle cell anemia patients.

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THE FORMAT A 40-minute expert talk followed by a Q&A session

Lean Code: How to Code Efficiently

When a development team embarks on a project, what they are actually trying to do is materialize their client's need through IT support: the application. To make the application, the team will have to perform a number of tasks. Some of these tasks express the business need while others are purely technical. The accumulation of the latter type of tasks constitutes what is called technical debt. How to minimize this debt from the start by reducing it to its bare minimum? In this presentation, in this event, Joan proposes to answer this question in 4 key steps. Let's go!

The method presented is taken from the development of the application: Drepakin ( This application allows patients with sickle cell anemia to find, rate and comment on nearby expert health centers. You will find the complete code of the Express server here: and the code of the React application here:

Joan Anagbla

Joan Anagbla is a web development consultant and react/node expert. He is passionate about creating quality applications and optimizing costs and time to market. He is particularly interested in efficiency, minimalism (including with code), and value creation. His experience in web and mobile development covers a number of major players in sectors as varied as banking, public transport and even healthcare.

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