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LDN *Virtual* Talks March 2021

Tuesday, 30th March, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by Rust London User Group in March 2021


The Rust London User Group is pleased to announce our March LDN Talks community showcase. After an exciting beginning to the year with a special takeover event, we shift the focus back onto individuals within the Rust London community. This month we have talks from 3 London Rusteaceans who will be sharing their projects and learnings.

Project Documentation with Rust and mdBook

Documentation is so important for software development. It's one of the areas where FOSS projects receive contributions. This is reflected in improvements in the documentation and availability in other languages. The Rust project developed mdbook, a command-line tool used for publishing the official documentation. Through this talk, you will know more about this tool, how you can use it and where to publish your project documentation.

Mario Garcia

An active Open Source user and contributor for over a decade. Speaker at tech and innovation events since 2008, has attended events in Latin America and Europe. A Mozilla contributor since 2011. GitLab Hero and GitKraken Ambassador. A Python and Rust Web Developer. Writes on DEV and PuntoTech.

TEDD Talk (Target Environment Driven Development)

Rustc and Cargo offer a few options to target different environments. In this talk, Max will share how he leverages Rustc configuration and Cargo features to prototype on different hardware, platforms and modules. For rapid prototyping across platforms he introduces a CICD feedback loop — a process he has coined 'Target Environment Driven Development.'

Max Legg

Started out building award-winning forensic analytics software in 2006, to the current day delivering innovative financial applications to production. Recently built a team to deliver a scalable payments application from idea to production for a large well-known website. Using Rust since 2016 as a go-to language for targetting platforms and performance.

Ergonomic Error Handling with Rust

Rust diverges from most mainstream languages in its approach to error handling. This talk takes a fairly deep dive into Rust's approach to it, discussing the pros and cons.

Senyo Simpson

Senyo is an odd mix of data scientist and software engineer working at Aerobotics, an agri-tech startup based in Cape Town, South Africa.

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