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Network Automation and Tooling

Thursday, 29th April, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by London Infrastructure As Code in April 2021


The London Infrastructure as Code meetup welcomes Rick Donato and Roger Perkin to discuss two network automation tools:

First up, Rick will look at how he utilises Genie Dq to simplify parsing parsing of complex data structures using the Dq library.

In part two, Roger will discuss how Ansible helps him save 30+ minutes a day as a Network Engineer.

How I save myself 30+ minutes a day as a Network Engineer using Ansible

This talk walks through my journey into network automation, starting with a few simple playbooks and showing the evolution of a group of tasks that I can run most days when deploying network infrastructure that saves me hours of typing the same commands over and over.

Roger Perkin

Roger has been in IT for over 20 years with the last 15 in networking, he is CCIE in Routing & Switching and currently works at Computacenter as a Technical Architect promoting network automation. For the last few years, Roger has been developing Ansible & Python solutions to make his life easier as a network engineer and now helping companies do the same. His motto is to start small and build knowledge.

How to Simplify Parsing with Genie Dq

In the world of network automation, parsing complex data structures can be time-consuming and troublesome. Within this talk, we will look at how to simplify the parsing of complex data structures using the Dq library.

The key areas we will cover are:

  • How Dq operates.
  • The main options and methods Dq provides.
  • Different scenarios and use cases it can solve.

Rick Donato

Rick Donato is a Network Automation Architect/Engineer, and founder of PacketFlow, based in the UK. He has a passion for technology and helping others learn. Outside of work Rick also has an unhealthy love for coffee!

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