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90 Minutes: The Continuous Delivery of Data with Dave Farley

Tuesday, 1st December, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by Skills Matter Premium Meetups in December 2020


90 Minutes: The Continuous Delivery of Data

Continuous Delivery is easy in some circumstances. If you are writing a stateless, maybe even serverless, microservice it is pretty simple really. Most systems need state though. What do we do about state? How do we work to keep our systems "releasable all the time" when we have data, sometimes LOTS of data?

This talk describes some of the useful, practical, techniques that you can apply to implement Continuous Delivery for data as well as for code.

Dave Farley

Dave Farley is a pioneer of Continuous Delivery, thought-leader and expert practitioner in CD, DevOps, TDD and software development in general.

Dave has been a programmer, software engineer, systems architect and leader of successful teams, for many years, from the early days of modern computing, taking those fundamental principles of how computers and software work, and shaping ground-breaking, innovative approaches that have changed how we approach modern software development. Dave has challenged conventional thinking and lead teams to build world class software.

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