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Tooling Up: Infrastructure IS Code on AWS

Tuesday, 29th September, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by Skills Matter Premium Meetups in September 2020


Tooling Up: Infrastructure IS Code on AWS

In the age of The Cloud, Serverless, Containers and Microservices, our infrastructure is part of our application more than ever. So why do we still treat it as something else? Our Application is Code, our Business Logic is code, our Infrastructure also IS code. One of the parts of doing things properly at scale is being able to describe your infrastructure as code and deploying it as such. If we already treat our infrastructure as code, why not apply all the best practices of software delivery to infrastructure delivery? In this session, we look into Infrastructure as Code solutions, best practices, and patterns on AWS.

Darko Meszaros

Darko is an AWS Senior Developer Advocate focusing on Central and Eastern Europe. He shares his passion and technological know-how with Engineers, Developers, and communities across the world. If it can be automated, Darko tries to do so. Most of his focus is towards DevOps and Management Tools, where automation, pipelines, and efficient developer tools is the name of the game – click less and code more so you do not repeat yourself - is what he says! He has a long IT career in various areas, from retail, to government, to even large telcos. At AWS, Darko has worked as a Premium Support Engineer and as a Solutions Architect, which has given him first-hand experience with AWS customers and their AWS adventures, helping them learn the ways of the cloud! As a passionate collector of old computers, he has a collection of computers and games and they came as an inspiration to tinker with computers as much as possible! Darko comes from Serbia, but has lived in Czech Republic, Malta, Ireland and now Germany!

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