Thursday, 27th May, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by Rust London User Group in May 2021


After an exciting beginning to the year with a special takeover event, we shift the focus back onto individuals within the Rust London community. This month we have talks from 3 London Rusteaceans who will be sharing their projects and learnings, including a special guest speaker, Sam Scott the CTO and Co-Founder of OSO.

Hedge your Bets with Rust

What does the future of computing hold? This last year has made even basic predictions almost impossible. CPU, GPU, SSD shortages caused by disruptions to supply chains, and competition for hardware from new and existing sources.

In this talk I’ll give an insight into how I’ve seen the technology landscape shift in both consumer and commercial hardware. Explaining how Rust provides an advantage now, and into the future for various different hardware and software configurations from cloud to mobile.

gRPC load balancing in Rust

Running services in highly dynamic cloud environments forces developers to build their applications with resiliency and fault-tolerance as first-class concerns. In this talk, Helge will describe how TrueLayer leveraged Rust to achieve resiliency and scalability for its gRPC services. In detail, the tonic gRPC framework was enhanced to enable dynamic client-side gRPC load balancing.

Building a Runtime Reflection System for Rust

In this talk, Sam will cover OSO's experience building a policy language in Rust, why they needed a runtime reflection system for Rust, and how they built it.

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