Meet up

GPU enabled F# numerics

Thursday, 22nd March at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by F# Londoners in March 2012


F# - From Requirements to Performant Code

Kit Eason

Kit Eason is a highly experienced developer, working in industries from automotive engineering to energy trading. Kit is a and PluralSight author. He's written software in F# for purposes as diverse as Pension Scheme Valuation, Movie VFX Costing, and Commodities Trading. An F# algorithm he dashed off for a conference demo became part of the UK national energy infrastructure. He talks about F# to whoever will listen.

Functional Design Patterns

James Freiwirth

James Freiwirth has been involved in commercial software development since the golden day of shareware. Nowadays he applies his knowledge as a software consultant across a broad range of industries from robotic control in the pharmaceutical and foo

GPU enabled F# numerics

Then we will look at F# implementation of multidimensional matrix library and compare it to Matlab®.

Finally, we will go through 2 simple F#/Matlab® examples of calculating Pi and pricing a euro option by Monte Carlo on both CPU and GPU.

Adam Mlocek

Adam is the founder of StatFactory Ltd, a company dedicated to development of high performance numerical software with F# API.

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