Wednesday, 23rd June, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by Rise (London Tech Ladies) in June 2021


Join the London Tech Ladies' June Meetup where Rosemarie Wilson will talk about the impact of communication on our emotional wellbeing.

Impactful Communication

Communication is a building block for developing strong relationships with ourselves and others. Often we don’t take the time to review how effective our communication is and ‘yes’ that does include how we think and communicate with ourselves.

As we move into space where we will once again meet each other face to face this session gives us the opportunity to review how effective our communication is and to make changes. We’d like to offer the space and tools to help review the way you communicate especially when it comes to your own needs, if you aren’t certain of your needs the starting point for conversations may very well be misaligned.

This session will be an interactive discussion from the outset, exploring how confidently you’re able to determine your needs and how this translates to the way you communicate in your professional and personal life.

In this session we will cover:

  1. How self-reflection helps identify our needs
  2. How to use empathy as a basis for connection
  3. Initiating collaborative and effective conversations
  4. Impact communication has on our wellbeing
  5. Practical tools to support effective communication

Rosemarie Wilson

Rosemarie Wilson is a Mindset Coach, International Speaker, Mentor and Founder of Pragmatica Coaching, a coaching and training company.
In her role she works with mid and senior level female professionals to help nurture their talent, thrive in their role or take the next step in their career. She also works with organisations who are committed to investing in and retaining talent, whilst supporting an organisational culture of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging.

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