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Continuous Delivery in VUE using GitLab Feature Flags

Thursday, 16th September, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by Skills Matter Online Meetups in September 2021


This Thursday's Matter is... Continuous Delivery

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Continuous Delivery in VUE using GitLab Feature Flags

Sometimes we want to test our features in production, do A/B testings, research or just keep our master branch up to date with our new developments, but we struggle to keep the separation between what we as developers want and what business needs.

Our proposal to solve this problem is the use of Feature flags, that help reduce risks by giving you the power of deciding when you want to enable or disable new features and keep the control of the target audience. Controlled tests, smaller batches and other improvements can be easily added to your applications using them.

During this session we'll take a small application with few features and and we'll add new ones under feature flags and see how we can manage them using GitLab. After this exercise you'll have the base tools to know how to approach deployments and how you can parallelize different developments by using feature flags.

You can choose between just listening to Kristian's explanations and seeing how he implements it or do it yourself at the same time for what you'll need: a GitLab account, NPM and Node in a local environment and an IDE/editor to write code.

THE FORMAT A 40-minute guided hands on workshop followed by a Q&A session.

Kristian Muñoz

Kristian Muñoz is Software Craftsman at Codurance where he works side by side with companies to help them accelerate their growth by analysing, establishing and improving their software as well as their processes and structures. Although he has spent most of his career working as a back end developer, his passion for learning led to immerse himself in the front end where he has started to apply all the good practices he has learned during these years.

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