Wednesday, 7th July, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by Skills Matter Premium Meetups in July 2021


This month's Tooling Up! is... Contract Testing with Pact.

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Tooling Up: Contract testing with Pact

Overgrown integrated tests are ruining people’s lives! They don’t fit the testing pyramid, waste development & testing time, slow down & block releases, increase maintenance effort, and are usually flaky. Even if you know it’s bad, you might not know a better way.

Contract testing intends to decouple codebases. Pact facilitates a workflow allowing testing & verification to happen on each side independently, ensuring that things can be deployed together. Join András Bubics—Lead Consultant at DiUS and Pact contract testing advocate - to understand how you can speed up dev & deploy and abolish end-to-end tests.

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András Bubics

Lead Consultant

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