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Merging Kanplexity™ with LeSS

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Tuesday, 2nd November, Online Meetup

This meetup is organised by LeSS Matters Community Starts at 6:00 PM BST (6:00 PM UTC)

This month at LeSS Matters Community we welcome John Coleman, who will be introducing Kanplexity™, a mixture of Kanban and Cynefin that can be combined with LeSS to improve adaptiveness for your complex projects.

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Merging Kanplexity™ with LeSS

Scrum isn't the only option for complex work. Non-software work presents challenges for agility. Kanplexity™ is a potion of Kanban and Cynefin. Consider using Kanplexity™ with LeSS to improve adaptiveness.

John Coleman

agility chef & trainer, PKT, PST, LSFT, PSM II course steward, lecturer, top 10, Daily Flow podcast, Xagility podcast

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