Meet up

Demystifying dRuby

Tuesday, 3rd April in London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in April 2012


This April, Makoto Inoue talks to the London Ruber User Group about Demystifying dRuby and Peter Vandenabeele talks about his experiences converting an Ruby on Rails app

Demestifying dRuby

dRuby stands for “Distributed Ruby” and it’s one of less known Ruby standard libraries. It is one of the first use of Metaprogramming long before Rails. dRuby creates proxy objects which lets you to “automagically”(In Matz’s word) delegate method calls to remote objects.

Makoto Inoue

A developer at ENS ( currently working DNS integration into ENS. The founder of BlockParty ( The organiser of London Ethereum Codeup (, a monthly study group to learn Ethereum coding over beer.

Converting a Rails project from MRI to JRuby

Peter Vandenabeele talks to LRUG about his experiences converting an Ruby on Rails app from MRI Ruby to JRuby.Starting from a scaffold Rails app with RSpec and mysql/postgresl what are the steps to get rspec to pass on JRuby?

Peter Vandenabeele

Peter Vandenabeele is a Business and Social Network Application developer focused on data processing and business/network modeling. Using a combination of fast/lean for the exploratory phase and TDD for the production quality code.

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