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OKRs for Product Teams & UX Research (Bruce McCarthy & Bébhínn Sheridan Sii)

Tuesday, 31st August, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by Product Elevation in August 2021


You are cordially invited to our August Product Elevation meetup, where we will be joined by Bruce McCarthy (CEO of UpUp Labs and President of the Boston Product Management Association) & Bébhínn Sheridan Sii (UX Researcher at Workday).

6:15 pm (UK) - Virtual Beer
6:30 pm (UK) - Opening Remarks
6:35 pm (UK) - SPEAKER 1: Bruce McCarthy (UpUp Labs)
7:20 pm (UK) - SPEAKER 2: Bébhínn Sheridan Sii (UX Researcher at Workday)

OKRs for Product Teams

Your teacher is product leader Bruce McCarthy, author of bestseller Product Roadmaps Relaunched: How to Set Direction while Embracing Uncertainty.

Bruce will answer questions like:

  • What's the difference between an output and a measurable outcome?
  • What's the difference between OKRs and KPIs?
  • How Health Metrics complement OKRs;
  • How to grade OKRs and what's a good grade;
  • What's the difference between committed and aspirational OKRs?
  • How to measure things you can't measure;
  • How to plan for things that don't show results until future quarters;
  • How and when to recalibrate OKRs.

Bruce McCarthy

Founder, Product Culture

Collaborative Research: Leveraging the Power of Your Team and Users

Collaborative research is a powerful way of making the most of your team’s strengths and your users’ feedback, but successful collaboration is more nuanced than involving team members early on in the process. While collaboration across UX, PM and Dev has the potential for high product success, it’s also higher in team effort; so learning how to optimise those efforts is key to seeing an impact in your product. Bébhínn will share her team’s journey to making remote collaborative research work for them, along with practical and transferable tips on how to facilitate collaborative research in your organization.

Bébhínn Sheridan Sii

Bébhínn is a UX Researcher at Workday working on the fastest selling new product in the company. With a strong passion for facilitating collaborative research within cross-functional product teams, she speaks about product case studies at Workday UX events and conferences.

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