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Controlling Features in Production with Feature Flags

Wednesday, 2nd February, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by Skills Matter Online Meetups in February 2022


We often think about speed & danger as being closely related, but we now have empirical proof that faster, smaller releases tend to cause fewer outages and less downtime for our software systems. Being able to deploy broken code into production without negatively affecting anyone is a powerful way to increase deployment velocity. In this talk learn how you can control features in production with feature flags & progressive delivery.

Join us on Wedneday 02 Feb 2022 9am AWST (Perth)/ 11am AEST (Bne)/ 12noon AEDT (Mel/ Syd) start time. This talk will be approximately 45min talk + 15min Q&A.

Controlling Features in Production with Feature Flags

Dawn Parzych

Dawn is a Developer Marketing Manager at LaunchDarkly where she helps developers ship code faster and safer. She specializes in the socio-technical aspects of technology and how humans are often the hardest part. Her career in tech has included roles with companies like Catchpoint and F5. Her mission is to make tech more accessible and inclusive by using straightforward language and fewer buzzwords.

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