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AMA featuring Rust Nigeria & Concordium Africa

Saturday, 5th February, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by Rust Nigeria in February 2022


This AMA on the Rust ecosystem is a collaborative event between Rust Nigeria and Concordium Africa.

The AMA will feature a panel with special guests from the across the Rust Ecosystem.

We’ll be exploring the exciting ways in which Rust is being used for the Web, blockchain, embedded systems and its interoperability with other programming languages.

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See you there Rustaceans 🦀

How viable is Rust for embedded software

Rust solves many problems that typically plague embedded software written in c. This talk approaches the subject from the perspective of someone who spends most of their professional time working with managed languages like, java and python but who likes to write embedded software. It highlights the dangers of memory corruption in embedded software and explains how Rust solves this. The talk also introduces some features of Rust that allow you to simplify the design of your software like using async await, giving real world examples.

David Haig

David works in the investment banking industry as a senior developer and enjoys making embedded software in Rust in his free time

The use of Rust at Concordium

Ernest Kissiedu

Ernest is the organizer of the Rust London Meetup Group. 🦀

Rust in a UniFFIed world

How do you write Rust and then build an API for Swift/Kotlin/Python on top? It's a lot of work doing that manually. Computers are much better at doing that repetitive work, so we built UniFFI to do this task. Let's quickly explore how that works and why we so heavily rely on that at Mozilla.

WebAssembly AMA

Istvan "Flaki" Szmozsanszky

Web Developer turned DevRel turned Very Tired Open Source Person

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