Meet up

Ruby's bin men

Monday, 14th May in London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in May 2012


This month brings talks from Elise Huard on Ruby’s bin men and Tom Stuart on Dependency Injection, the Dependency Inversion Principle, and You

Ruby’s bin men: a closer look at the garbage collector

In this talk for the London Ruby User Group, Elise Huard will explain The Garbage Collector, what the impact of garbage collection is on our programs, and what future could be.

Elise Huard

Elise has been doing software for 15 years, from startups to large consultancies. She’s tried her hand at many technologies, wrote a book about developing games in Haskell, and is now doing data science and engineering with Mastodon C. She enjoys hard problems, tangly maths, science fiction, running, making and consuming food.

Dependency Injection, the Dependency Inversion Principle, and You

It’s received wisdom that Ruby doesn’t need dependency injection frameworks. In this talk, Tom Stuart claims that this is at least in part because we don’t apply the Dependency Inversion Principle properly.

Tom Stuart

Tom Stuart is one of two Tom Stuarts living in London and working with Ruby. Tom Stuart is the Tom Stuart who isn't writing an O'Reilly book.

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