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How does a (A)PO team truly collaborate in LeSS (Huge)?

Tuesday, 1st March, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by LeSS Matters Community in March 2022


How does a (A)PO team truly collaborate in LeSS (Huge)?

In LeSS there is an option to work with a Product Owner team which suits very well in certain contexts, on top of that we have LeSS Huge where the PO will have to work closely together with APO’s to deliver the best value out there and drive business forward. Then again there is little guidance given on these experiments and collaboration.

During my 20+ years of trying out Scrum in very much LeSS alike & LeSS structures I tried many different ways. Today, I tend to believe I found one that works very well in more than one occasion, one that works in different markets and organisations. One that is based on ideas from the Lean world and has proven to drive business outcomes forward.

In this talk I’ll be sharing my experiences and give you some insights in the patterns used to make things work.

Jurgen De Smet

Jurgen helps leaders of large organizations deliver their high performance commitments.

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