Meet up

An Evening with Riak

Thursday, 10th May in London

This meetup was organised by DeNormalised NOSQL Meetups in May 2012


This month, the DeNormalised NOSQL meetup hosts an evening with Riak, with talks coming from Dave Dawson and Ian Plosker.

An Introduction to Riak

Ian Plosker gives the DeNormalised NOSQL Meetup an introduction to Riak, the key value database from Basho, by covering the core features and use cases of the technology.

Ian Plosker

Ian Plosker is the CTO and cofounder of, a service that eliminates the need to run databases. Prior to, Ian worked at Basho Technologies, the makers of the open source database Riak.

Real-life Riak at Mobile Interactive Group

David Dawson of Mobile Interactive Group gives a high level overview on how they have deployed Riak and some of the problems they faced.

David Dawson

David Dawson is the ‘Director of Technology’ of Mobile Interactive Group (MIG) and is also a keen advocate of open source technology, both using and contributing to a number of new and existing projects

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