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How a CDP Can Solve Your Third-Party Cookie Problem

Thursday, 14th July, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by The Analytics Show in July 2022


This is critical for your brand, specifically your communications and marketing strategy. Any brand focuses on 2 groups – current customers and prospective ones. Putting your customer into the center to build a solid relationship and loyalty requires integrating data from different sources about your customers, products, and results of your (marketing) activities to be able to understand your customer.

This is where the Customer Data Platform comes in, to really unify all this data about your customers and business. In this meet up we want to explain how a CDP works and how it can help your business to build even stronger customer relationships.

Hint: Data is the key to understanding the context around how your customers are interacting and making decisions.

How a CDP Can Solve Your Third-Party Cookie Problem

As a member of Meiro’s management team, Quinn leads the delivery of data integration and Customer Data Platform implementation projects for its largest clients in Asia Pacific by serving as a bridge between the business decision makers and technical experts. In her role, she advises her clients in activating data for personalizing customer engagement, optimizing business processes and operationalizing digital transformation initiatives.

Quinn also volunteers as an Instructor on data analytics for She Loves Data, a non-for-profit organization with a mission to nurture the data science, business intelligence & analytics community and inspire more women in pursuing careers in these fields.

Prior to Meiro and She Loves Data, Quinn had four years’ experience as a Project Manager in a professional services firm, enabling business process optimization, ERP implementation, and championing data-driven decision making within the organization.

Quinn received a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy from Nanyang Technological University.

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