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E109 - Jon Manning - Science vs Art & Data vs Behaviour in Pricing

Sunday, 17th July, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by The Analytics Show in July 2022


Jon Manning is the Founder and Chief Expert of - the world’s first crowdsourcing platform for pricing. Since launching in May 2011, PricingProphets has enabled companies struggling with pricing to ask a panel of global pricing experts and thought-leaders what price to charge for a product or service and why. PricingProphets has won accolades from customers and the media alike, finishing in the Top 20 in the Anthill Smart100 awards in 2012.

While Jon is the Founder and Chief Expert of his own company, he is also the Head of Pricing at MYOB, a tech company that exists to help businesses start, survive, and succeed. MYOB assists with everything from accounting, payroll, payments, retail point of sale, CRM and professional tax solutions - and more - with solutions for businesses of every size, shape, and sector. MYOB believes in Australian and New Zealand businesses, having a range of initiatives to help support them.

He has hosted over 80 public workshops and in-house seminars conducted across the Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and the UK, as well as co-presented the ‘Pricing Strategy & Revenue Management’ Executive Education Program at Lancaster University Management School.

Science vs Art & Data vs Behaviour in Pricing

In this exclusive analytics podcast episode, Jon shares:

  • His experience travelling to the UK for an educational program including in procurement
  • How to detect early signals when pitching to companies with procurement
  • His role as the Founder and Chief Expert of PricingProphets
  • The world's view of pricing
  • His journey through the world of pricing
  • Overselling flight tickets and dynamic pricing with Internet cafes
  • A key lesson he has learned that could help others starting out in the industry
  • How important data is in the world of pricing
  • A case study for when data has positively impacted one of his pricing decisions
  • "Gut" pricing
  • Pricing = Science and data-driven examples
  • Pricing = Art and behaviour-driven examples
  • Combining both art and science into pricing while striking a balance between the two
  • What factors come into play when choosing between science vs art
  • Advice for those looking to renew their pricing strategy through the use of data analytics

Jon Manning

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