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Open Source MLOps - Pipelines & Orchestration

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Thursday, 25th August, Online Meetup

This meetup is organised by Open Source MLOps Starts at 4:00 PM UTC (4:00 PM UTC)


The next in our series of Open Source MLOps events, this time with a focus on pipelines and orchestration - with an intro ZenML from Dickson Neoh, Developer Advocate & Matt Squire, CTO of Fuzzy Labs, followed by Jacopo Tagliabue talking about his experience of adopting Metaflow in research and in production.

An introduction to ZenML

ZenML is an open-source MLOps framework built for ML teams. It provides the right abstraction layer to bring Machine Learning Models from research to production as easily as possible.

This talk is a technical dive into ZenML and why you need it in your life fromDickson Neoh, Developer Advocate & Fuzzy Labs CTO, Matt Squire.

An introduction to using Metaflow in Research & Production

Jacopo is the Director of AI at Coveo and well known speaker on the ML circuit, he'll be talking about his experience of adopting Metaflow in both a research environment and production environment.

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