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E112 - Linda Ginger - On Using Data Science to Engineer Winning Innovations

Sunday, 7th August, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by The Analytics Show in August 2022


Meet Linda Ginger

Linda’s Role as a Market Strategy Leader at Attractor

Linda Ginger is the Owner and Go-to-Market Strategist of Attractor. For over 10 years, Attractor has enabled ambitious business entrepreneurs to rapidly discover, validate, and launch transformative opportunities. They provide this through a network to help them rapidly identify market opportunities, discover unmet customer needs, and apply proven, science-based go-to-market strategies to increase their success.

Linda’s Other Work in Data Science and Technology

Linda has been a successful market strategist and innovator for over 20 years and left her mark in almost all the industries that you can think of. Other than her work at Attractor, Linda is a Board Member with Growth Science, a data science research firm. Previously, she was their Chief Executive, formulating the strategic direction globally, establishing an Australasian presence, and sharing research, science, and performance.

That’s not all. Currently, Linda is also a Development and Design Integrity Panel Member at the Brisbane Airport Corporation, an Approved Advisor with the Advisory Board Centre, and an Editor (ANZ) at Innovation Excellence, a global innovation website. In addition to this, she is a globally sought after speaker on business innovation, marketing strategy, and data science.

On Using Data Science to Engineer Winning Innovations

Computer Systems, Predictions, and Growth Science

In this exclusive analytics podcast episode, Linda shares:

  • How computer systems can predict the likelihood of a business failing
  • How Growth Science made this magic happen using data science
  • Use cases of the MESE computer system in action
  • How the system not only predicts success or failure but also performs diagnostics to prescribe ways out of possible failures
  • The success rate of these predictions
  • How to get your go-to-market strategies sorted out by MESE
  • Getting access to this exclusive technology
  • How to use data knowledge to engineer new successful ideas
  • How to innovate, grow, and stay relevant in the rapidly changing climate with one simple word
  • What you should do instead of everything and anything

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