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Open Source MLOps - Model Deployment

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Thursday, 29th September, Online Meetup

This meetup is organised by Open Source MLOps Starts at 4:00 PM UTC (4:00 PM UTC)


Open Source MLOps is back and with the huge topic of model deployment!

We're super excited to have Leanne Fitzpatrick, Director of Data @ The Financial Times and Ed Shee, Head of Developer Relations at Seldon to talk us through their deployment experiences!

Getting your models into production is what it's all about as a data scientist, so why not come find out how you can do that using the awesome open source tool that is Seldon Core; or to hear from Leanne Fitzpatrick, who coined the term full stack data science way before MLOps was cool.

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Upgrading your engine without stopping the car: How the FT is improving our deployment practice with minimum disruption

Leanne Fitzpatrick is the Director of Data Science at The FT, where she leads a team of data science and machine learning professionals, working on some really interesting data problems.

In this talk, Leanne will delve into how they are trying to improve their deployment practice and some of the challenges they have faced along the way.

Leanne is a renowned speaker on the data circuit, regularly delivering key notes around Europe and has been using the phrase 'Full Stack Data Science' since 2016 at the very first MancML event!

From Model to Microservice - ML Deployments at Scale

Ed Shee, Head of Developer Relations @ Seldon will be walking us through a technical demo of how to use Seldon Core to deploy your models at scale, from the initial model to microservice.

Ed Shee

Ed is Head of Developer Relations @ Seldon. Ed is passionate about open source technology and runs the awesome Seldon open source community on Slack, regularly running technical sessions and Q&As.

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