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E117 - Dr Sitt Paing - Embracing Digitalision to Improve the Country’s Healthcare System

Sunday, 11th September, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by The Analytics Show in September 2022


Meet Dr Sitt Paing

Sitt’s Role as a Technology Leader at Pun Hlaing Hospitals

Dr Sitt Paing is the Interim Chief Technology Officer at Pun Hlaing Hospitals. First established in 2005, it is the only hospital in Myanmar to be awarded the American Joint Commission International Accreditation for quality and patient safety. Pun Hlaing Hospital’s vision is to spearhead international quality healthcare for the nation. They intend to spread telehealth, home care, free mobile clinics, and dedicated beds for those who cannot afford family and specialist care.

Sitt’s Other Work in Healthcare

​ Sitt worked as a clinical practitioner for 4 years and worked in multiple different managerial positions for another 4 years. He started his career with PHSH as a Resident Medical Officer, transitioning to a Radiology Administrator and Business Analyst, to an Operations Manager, to a Project Lead, to General Manager of ICT and Innovation, to his current career - all within 10 years.

Sitt’s passion is in uplifting and leapfrogging the healthcare status of the Myanmarese people through sustainable management and technology. He implemented a fully digitalized Radiology system at PHSH in 2015 to make the hospital the first and only 100% filmless hospital in Myanmar. He also started to fully digitalize the electronic medical record system at three separate facilities of the PHSH group in the year 2018. Sitt’s objective is to enable the organisation to leverage opportunity in the coming era of Healthcare 4.0. His next mission is to make the PHSH Group a 100% paperless data-driven organisation.

Embracing Digitalision to Improve the Country’s Healthcare System

Healthcare, Data Analytics, and Digitalisation

In this exclusive analytics podcast episode, Sitt shares:

  • His time as a clinical practitioner
  • One thing he's taken to heart from being at the frontline
  • Transitioning from a clinical practitioner to a data analytics professional
  • His current role as the Interim Chief Technology Officer at Pun Hlaing Hospitals
  • Creating a foundation to digitalise healthcare
  • A key lesson to learn from fully digitalising healthcare
  • How data analytics can improve one’s healthcare at a hospital and individual wellness
  • Concerns regarding health data privacy
  • Health data privacy between hospitals and insurers
  • The kind of data that is important to track for wellness purposes
  • How data analytics can help individuals become more aware of their health and make better choices by themselves
  • How data technologies help leapfrog a country’s healthcare system
  • Translating these points into other parts of the world

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