Wednesday, 28th September, in London

This meetup was organised by Rust London User Group in September 2022


A Get-Together

Good talks are only half of the appeal of a local meetup. The other half is the community: getting to know like-minded people, hacking on a new problem together, elbow-to-elbow, learning from more experienced practitioners.

For those who cannot attend in person, there will be an opportunity to connect with others remotely and Hack n Learn.

How is it going to work?

Absolute beginners

We will create a dedicated group for beginners - it will be an opportunity to find like-minded peers who are going through the journey of learning Rust while enjoying the support of more experienced Rust programmers.

What will it look like? It depends on you! We can spin up a study-group session for specific chapters of the Rust book ; go through the exercises for the Rust track on, or try to build a small application!

Hacking together on projects

If you know the basics of the language, Hack & Learn is an excellent opportunity to find partners to hack together!

We created a GitHub repository for the event.

If you have an idea for a project, open an issue with a short project description to find other folks who'd be interested in working on it with you. If you prefer to join an existing project, comment on the open project issues.

There is no definition of "the right project": the Hack & Learn is an occasion to tinker and explore.

Do you want to work on a PR to close an issue on the compiler? That's a great project!

Do you have a fuzzy picture in your mind for a crate that is missing in the ecosystem? Go ahead!

You can submit an idea even if you won't be at the event - e.g. if you are the maintainer of an OSS project and you'd like to see some folks contributing/tackling some open issues.

In the same way, you can join the event even if you didn't sign up for a project beforehand - we'll try to find a group for you on the spot!


There will be no speakers at this event. This is an opportunity to connect with other in the community in casual setting

Who's coming?

Attending Members