Meet up

Focus First, Then Simplify w/ John Cutler

Wednesday, 12th October, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by Product Elevation in October 2022


You are cordially invited to our October meetup, where we will be joined by the brilliant John Cutler!

AGENDA (in Dublin local time):

  • 6.15pm: Virtual networking
  • 6.30pm: Focus first, then simplify - John Cutler
  • 6.50pm: Q&A
  • 7pm: Finish

Focus first, then simplify

By definition, a complex problem cannot be simplified. If you can simplify the problem, then it isn't complex!

In this talk we will explore the difference between focus and simplification, and why it matters for product strategy, prioritization, and organization design.

Key topics we will explore include 1) when the pursuit of simplicity can drive your time off track, 2) why a focused strategy is uncomfortable, 3) why focusing FIRST and then simplifying is a reasonable heuristic, and 4) practical implications for how you communicate your strategy.

Who's coming?

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