Meet up

The Return of Londroid

Thursday, 6th October in London

This meetup was organised by Londroid in October 2022


We are looking forward to seeing old faces, meeting new friends, and hanging out with the Deliveroo Engineering Team at their home, on their famous Roo Pitch.

We'll bring the usual set up, that we all know and love. We’ll be providing an evening of talks, networking, and a surprise spread of food and drinks from the Deliveroo Team that’s guaranteed to be good.


Droidcon has generously donated 10 Droidcon London Conference Tickets to give away, along with 50 x half price ticket codes to be won! Details to access the chance to win these, are to follow.

Tickets There will be 100 tickets available for the event, but if you miss out on the chance to come, or you are not able to attend in person, we will be recording these talks and sharing them on our Youtube Channel. Keep up to date with our event recordings and community announcements through our Twitter and on our new LinkedIn Page.

Schedule: 6:00 Arrival & registration 6:45 Welcome back Londroid 7:00 Talk one 7:30 Talk two: Deliveroo Team 8:00 Q&A 8:15 Food, drink and socialising 9:00 Head to the pub

Talk: Why You Should Run A/B Tests in Your Android Apps

At Deliveroo we run lots of A/B tests, and they sometimes return some very unexpected results! In this talk we'll answer questions such as "does handling 'process death' impact how often people order food?" and "how valuable is your splash screen?" by going through the experiments that have produced the strangest results. By the end, we hope to convince you to start running A/B tests in your apps too!

Thank you to our sponsors and partners