Meet up

LDN Talks October 2022: Host by Amazon Prime Video

Thursday, 20th October in London

This meetup was organised by Rust London User Group in October 2022


We're excited to announce our second LDN Talks Community Showcase. This month we'll be hosting our event at the Amazon HQ with the Prime Video Tech team. They will be giving us a keynote presentation. We'll also give the floor to community members to share their insights and learnings.

Important Notice Please Read The event space has a limited capacity of 50 people. We will run a limited guest list for people who want to attend this event. Due to compliance protocols at Amazon HQ, this event will not be recorded or streamed live.

If you RSVP and cannot attend for any unforeseen reason, please amend your status to allow others on the waiting list an opportunity to come. We understand this is a free community meetup, and there will be no-shows. For this event, we will have a stricter policy on individuals who squat on the RSVP.

Thank You for understanding.

Agenda: • Welcome & Networking • News and Announcements


  • Alex Ene
  • Niraj Nain
  • Tony Yang
  • Nixon Enraght-Moony
  • Matteo Bigoi

We will also have a special announcement regarding Rust Nation, the UK's first Rust Developer Conference.

rustdoc-JSON: An Alternative Backend for Rustdoc

rustdoc-JSON is an alternative backend to rustdoc that produces a JSON description of an API instead of rustdoc's average HTML output.

This talk will go over the history of rustdoc-JSON, the current design of the format and why it is how it is, and the path to stability.

The talk will also look at the implementation and the challenges of adding a backend for machines into software designed to produce output for humans.

Finally, the talk will highlight some cool projects built on top of rustdoc JSON and discuss the path to stability.

Speed Up your SVM with Rust

Support vector machine remains a widely used classical machine learning algorithm in practice. We have ported liblinear's L2-regularised hinge loss binary classification routine to Rust and packaged it as a pip-installable Python package. Lisbon is a drop-in replacement for sci-kit-learn's SVC routine three and reproduces the original library's results. By changing matrix representation from sparse to dense, Lisbon has achieved a 20-40% speedup in computational time and a greater than 50% memory saving by eliminating memory copies. In this talk, I will present the key findings from this work and the lessons learnt during the process.

Modelling a Pokèmon APIs with Smithy and Rust

During this session, we will show the power of the Smithy IDL and go over an example of how to build an API from scratch by implementing a service that allows us to interact with a Pokèmon deck! Smithy is a modelling language that will enable developers to describe their APIs concisely and powerfully. With the power of Rust, they can focus on implementing the business logic rather than spend time writing and maintaining the boilerplate that comes with the traditional HTTP framework.

Full Stack Rust Development using the SpatialVerse Framework

For this talk, I will demonstrate this productivity powerhouse by building an entire application from scratch with help from the audience resulting in something they can use straight away. The main principle behind the framework was to make it easier for backend developers to deal with the front-end and infrastructure sides of development. Still, it has evolved into something that any developer can use. Rust's excellent type system, memory model and inherent performance safely power the parser and interpreter for the bespoke language and the overreaching development platform.

Optimizing Prime Video with Web Assembly and Rust

Prime Video delivers content to millions of customers, all over the world, on a variety of devices such as game consoles, set-top boxes, streaming sticks, and Smart TVs. These devices have a vast range of hardware capabilities and performance characteristics. This presentation will also give a tour of the architecture that makes it possible to deploy the same application on all these devices. We'll also show how we've used WebAssembly and Rust to improve the performance, updatability and stability of the Prime Video app.