Meet up

E123 - Harry Chan - Utilising Data Analytics, AI, ML, & RPA in Private Healthcare

Sunday, 30th October, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by The Analytics Show in October 2022


Meet Harry Chan

Harry’s Role as an IT Leader

Harry Chan is the Assistant Vice President of IT (BI, Data Warehouse, ML/AI, Data Science, RPA) at IHH Healthcare. IHH Healthcare is a leading international healthcare service provider with a vision to become the world’s most trusted healthcare services network. They manage a portfolio of trusted healthcare brands in their key markets of Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, India and Greater China (including Hong Kong). They employ over 65,000 dedicated people across 80 hospitals in 10 countries.

Harry’s Other Work in IT

​ Harry has over 18 years of experience in Senior IT Management. He has been with IHH Healthcare for over 13 years alone, at one point taking on the role of Deputy Head of IT in the Malaysia Operations Division before returning to Singapore as the Assistant Vice President of IT for the second time.

Previously, Harry has also been the Financials Operation Group Lead Asia Pacific of GFI Group, the Senior Oracle Financials Consultant of NCS, the Internal Oracle Financials Consultant at Aviva General Insurance, the Senior Software Engineer at Crimson Logic, and other roles focusing on Oracle, IT consulting, and engineering.

Utilising Data Analytics, AI, ML, & RPA in Private Healthcare

Private Healthcare, AI, ML, and RPA

In this exclusive analytics podcast episode, Harry shares:

  • His volunteer work as a guitar player for his church care group
  • His current role as the Assistant Vice President of IT at IHH Healthcare
  • What TPA is and how it comes into the picture for healthcare
  • The difference between private healthcare insurers and TPAs
  • How private healthcare groups utilise analytics to run the business
  • Whether they have started to explore technologies like AI and ML
  • Lessons he's learned from his combined experience and how he would change past projects
  • Soliciting data feedback
  • Applications he's built or plans to build using AI and ML
  • Avoiding customers believing you're a scam call
  • Communicating with customers through Whatsapp in Singapore
  • Challenges he has faced in using data science in private healthcare
  • If he has found that Robotic Process Automation can go hand in hand with AI implementation in private healthcare
  • A use case from his use of RPA in private healthcare
  • His advice for healthcare providers looking to adopt these technologies into their processes

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