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E124 - Minisode 1 - Can AI Replace Human Artists? Comparing AI Image Generators

Sunday, 6th November, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by The Analytics Show in November 2022


AI Image Generators

The New AI System

If you haven’t heard, these programs have been branded as AI Art Generators or AI Image Generators. Creating new and original images from a few words alone is no longer a thing of sci-fi.

All over the world, people have begun to use these AIs to their advantage - to create video thumbnails, to create original images for their company websites, to add to LinkedIn posts, win contests against human artists?

So what’s the issue with these generators and how do all the different options compare?

Let’s talk about it.

Can AI Replace Human Artists? Comparing AI Image Generators

AI, Art, & the Comparisons

In this exclusive analytics podcast minisode, let’s talk:

  • What AI image generators actually are
  • What people are using them for
  • The differences between the big names such as DALLE-2, MidJourney, Artbreeder, Wombo, and Jasper Art
  • Examples of the art generated from these companies
  • The problem that arises from these image generators
  • How AI video generators and AI generated games are hot on our heels too

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