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E125 - Dr. Ramendra Singh - The Role of Data Analytics in Performance Media and Marketing

Sunday, 13th November, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by The Analytics Show in November 2022


Meet Dr. Ramendra Singh

Ramendra’s Role as a Media Leader as Crossmedia

Ramendra Singh is the Chief Performance Media Officer at Crossmedia USA. Crossmedia is an independent channel-driven agency delivering communications planning, media services and international account management. Crossmedia was born out of a passion to establish an agency model that focuses on what media agencies should do: create innovative, participatory connections between brands and people regardless of channel or budget. Since being founded in 2000, they have seen a paradigm shift in how media agencies are structured, mirroring the Crossmedia approach.

Ramendra’s Other Work in Marketing

​ Ramendra received the Data Culture Leader Award as part of the BoD Awards from Corinium in 2022. He has served as Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Analytics Officer, and Chief Product Officer at Fortune 500 firms throughout his career. His C-Suite experience spans leading functional areas of Marketing, Product Development, Data Science & Analytics, Technology, and Operations and his global experience spans across multiple industry verticals. To name a few, previously, Ramendra has been Chief Analytics Officer of Performics and Chief Marketing Officer at Brandman University.

He is also a senior member on Industry Councils and Advisory Boards. Besides that, Ramendra shares his insights by speaking and publishing on topics such as Performance Marketing, Measurement, Digital Transformation, Advanced Analytics, Decisioning Solutions, Application of AI/ML, and Organisational Improvement.

The Role of Data Analytics in Performance Media and Marketing

Performance Media, Data Analytics, Marketing

In this exclusive analytics podcast episode, Ramendra shares:

  • The story behind his win of the Performance Pioneer award with PMW US
  • His current role as the Chief Performance Media Officer at Crossmedia USA
  • What exactly Performance Media is
  • Combining demand generation and demand capture
  • Using advanced analytics solutions in Performance Media
  • Where we're at in Performance Media regarding advanced analytics
  • The future of plug-and-play with data analytics
  • How the role of a marketer has become broader and how universities should adapt
  • A use case of a Performance Media has benefitted an organisation using data analytics
  • Calculating the KPI for these Performance Media benefits
  • How much mathematicians are involved in creating these media solutions
  • The challenges that come with using data analytics in Performance Media
  • How small businesses can also benefit from Performance Media
  • Services side vs clients side

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