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LJC Live with Andrey Breslav - Shoulders of Giants: Languages Kotlin learned from

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Wednesday, 14th December in London

This meetup is organised by LJC: London Java Community Starts at 5:30 PM UTC (5:30 PM UTC)


The London Java Community is pleased to be back with a new series of in-person events.

For our next event, we are pleased to welcome Andrey Breslav, Co-founder at Alter as he presents

Shoulders of Giants: Languages Kotlin learned from

New languages are inspired by existing languages: every generation learns from the previous one. Kotlin is no exception: its design is based substantially on the designs of languages such as Java, Scala, C#, Groovy, Python, Nice, etc. This talk will explain which parts of the design are inspired by which languages and what Kotlin does differently in each case.

Speaker Bio

Andrey was in charge of the design and development of Kotlin since its conception in 2010 and till Kotlin 1.4 in 2020. He co-authored the core language design with Maxim Shafirov in 2010-2011 and lead ultimately assembled and lead a 100-strong team. Andrey presented at numerous events including KotlinConf, Google I/O and Devoxx and co-authored the Kotlin for Java Developers course on Coursera. Aside from Kotlin, Andrey co-founded a successful online psychotherapy platform Alter, taught programming and computer science to college students and promoted diversity in IT.


5:30 – 6:00 pm : Members Mingle with food and drink

6:00 – 6:15 pm: Welcome message from the LJC and Intro to R3

6:15 – 7:00 pm: Andrey Breslav's presentation

7:00 – 7:10 pm: Ending message from R3

7:10 – 8:00 pm: Members Mingle with food and drink

This event is organised by RecWorks on behalf of the London Java Community.

The London Java Community is sponsored by Octopus Deploy, Payara, JFrog, Snyk and Sonatype.

The London Java Community would like to thank R3 for offering their meeting space for this event.

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Join us for as Andrey Breslav presents Shoulders of Giants: Languages Kotlin learned from

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