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E127 - Sara Harrup - The Pathway to Using Data Analytics to Relieve Hunger & in the Business

Sunday, 27th November, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by The Analytics Show in November 2022


Meet Sara Harrup

Sara’s Role as an Executive Leader at Foodbank Queensland

Sara Harrup is the Chief Executive Officer of Foodbank Queensland. Foodbank Queensland is the largest hunger relief charity in the state, sourcing millions of kilograms of food from farmers, manufacturers, and retailers to distribute to hundreds of Food Relief Charities and School Breakfast Programs state-wide. Foodbank’s operations also actively reduce food landfill, positively impacting the environment. They feed 48,000 Queenslanders in need and 33,000 school children per week, support 300 Food Relief Charities and 300 School Breakfast Programs each year, and reduce landfill CO2-e emissions by 26 million kilograms each year.

Sara’s Other Work in Leadership

​ Other than her work with Foodbank, Sara is also a Chair with The Executive Connection (TEC). TEC is a dedicated community of successful business leaders sharing diverse thinking with a trusted circle of success advocates. TEC connects over 1,000 senior executives across Australia and New Zealand, joining over 27,000+ global business leaders across 26 countries. TEC blends a dynamic group setting with one-to-one mentoring to keep leaders at the forefront of their industry.

Meanwhile, Sara is Non Executive Director at Health Care Insurance (HCI), which has been providing comprehensive private health insurance since 1938. A not-for-profit private health insurer, they are proud of the high level of personal service provided to members and the comprehensive range of health insurance options. Sara is also an Executive and Developmental Coach with experience across sectors ranging from transport and logistics to community services, professional services, insurance, health and education.

The Pathway to Using Data Analytics to Relieve Hunger & in the Business

Hunger, Digital Transformation, and Data Analytics

In this exclusive analytics podcast episode, Sara shares:

  • The story behind her win of the Alf Kretchmer Award from the Queensland Cancer Fund
  • How these experiences changed how she works now
  • Her current role as the Chief Executive Officer of Foodbank Queensland
  • How much reach Foodbank gets across the country and how others react to this
  • The stigma around hunger and reaching out for help
  • Reaching out for supply and donations for the Foodbank
  • The logistics behind it all
  • How data analytics helps to alleviate hunger on a large scale
  • Advice for those in physical businesses seeking digital transformation
  • A positive impact from this
  • How humans are an important aspect of the digital transformation journey
  • Ensuring psychological safety when carrying out the digital transformation journey
  • Some of the early challenges when integrating data analytics the business
  • The most important steps on this pathway towards using data analytics in business
  • Her advice to other businesses thinking of using data analytics but are intimidated by what seems like a long path

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