Meet up

Rust Lightning Talks!

Friday, 27th January, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by Charlottesville Rust Meetup in January 2023


This event listing is provided here for the convenience of Skills Matter Rust community. Please check the organiser's external site for the most up-to-date information.

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Join us for a series of rapid-fire talks on everything Rust! We're inviting all members of the Rust community to present an idea, project, library, or anything-they-like in a five or ten minute slot. There's absolutely no prerequisite to present other than your topic be vaguely Rust related and you stick to your time limit. If you're new to Rust - present on what you've done to get started! Stuck on a problem? Present what you've tried so far! Working on a cool personal project and want to brag about it? Now's the time! Want to practice getting over your stage fright? We're a friendly bunch!

Lightning talks are an excellent opportunity to absorb interesting bitesized Rust chunks and spark all sorts of conversations and connections. We're hoping you come ready to share, be surprised, and leave with new friends and new ideas.


We're currently working on a program. If you have any suggestions, topics you'd like to see covered, or experts you'd like to meet, let us know!