Saturday, 28th January, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by Bay Area Haskell in January 2023


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This edition of Bay Area Haskell will feature Ryan Orendorff discussing, "Who got some Agda in my Haskell?"

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Agenda (Pacific Time)

10.00am - Welcome to SF Haskell by Salar Rahmanian 10.10am - Who got some Agda in my Haskell? By Ryan Orendorff

Who Got Some Agda in My Haskell?

One of your coworkers seems to write the most amazing Haskell code. It never breaks and it always fits the requirements precisely. You’ve never seen your coworker put in a bug fix for their code ever. One day you decide to ask them how they obtained these inhuman powers. With a huge grin on their face, they say “why that’s because I wrote all my provably correct code in Agda!”

In this talk, we will talk about a new tool called agda2hs which allows programmers to translate dependently typed Agda code into clean Haskell code, enabling the extraction of provably correct programs. We will look into specific examples on how the code can be used to prove that a piece of code has some desired specification such as invertibility.

Ryan Orendorff

Hi! My name is Ryan Orendorff, and I enjoy working on type theory, functional programming, linear algebra, and data privacy. If I am not working on those things you can likely find me on a mountain somewhere.