Meet up

An Introduction to Functional Reactive Programming and Yampa

Thursday, 2nd February in Zürich

This meetup was organised by HaskellerZ in February 2023


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An Introduction to Functional Reactive Programming and Yampa

Reactive applications (for instance in robotics, graphical user interfaces, or gaming) are difficult to program. Most such applications are programmed in a low-level imperative style, forcing the programmer to think about multiple levels of abstraction simultaneously.

Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) proposes an approach that is declarative and therefore more modular and composable. Initially suggested in 1997 by Conal Elliott and Paul Hudak, the idea of FRP has since then undergone several iterations and is now used in a variety of application areas.

In this talk, Eliane will introduce us to the basic ideas behind FRP as they were originally proposed, show its evolution over the years, and end with some examples of how this could be used today within the Yampa framework in Haskell.

As per usual, there will be an opportunity for food, drinks and discussion after the event.