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Workflow With WordPress

Thursday, 21st June in London

This meetup was organised by Wordpress London in June 2012


This month Wordpress London brings you Chris Adams on Workflow With WordPress, Florian Penn on WP Search and Alternatives, and David Cox on Changing Content Layout with the Post Class in a twenty eleven Child Theme

Workflow with Wordpress

When working on Wordpress projects with more than one developer or designer, keeping everyone in sync with each other, then with live and staging site can be a real pain.

Chris Adams

Chris Adams has been working with Ruby on Rails and Wordpress since 2006, and been the joint organiser of the Wordpress London meetup group since summer 2010.

WP Search and Alternatives

Florian Penn will present to Wordpress London on Why search is important, what is wrong with WP build-in search and how WP build-in search works

Florian Penn

•WP user since 2006 – WP codex contributor since 2008 •Founder of a new PaaS / real-time service in London

Changing Content Layout with the Post Class in a twenty eleven Child Theme

David Cox gives a quick overview of the content template parts, followed but a practicle demonstration of changing the content layout, using the post class. Covering four layouts with very few code lines, the post class and a stylesheet.

David Cox

David Cox is the owner and author of Digital Raindrops (dotNet) a website with WordPress and Artisteer theme development tutorails and tips.

Word Bootcamp UK

Graham Armfield and Tony Scott give their talk on Word Bootcamp at Wordpress London.

Graham Armfield

Graham Armfield is an experienced website developer and a partner in the Fix the Web initiative - aiming to make the web accessible from the ground up.

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