Meet up

Functional Web Architecture

Tuesday, 3rd July at Skills Matter, London

This meetup is run by The London Clojure Community. Starts at 6:30 PM.

The London Clojure Community now has a regular slot at Skills Matter. Join us for lightning talks, and a talk from James Reeves on Functional Web Architecture.

Our friends the Atoms

Atoms are Clojure's most basic means of holding and changing state. This talk from Robert Rees is a very brief but complete introduction to using Atoms and getting the most out of them.

Robert Rees

Robert Rees is currently a Developer Manager at the Guardian and the former CTO of Wazoku. He started his career as a tester and went on to be a C and Java developer in telecoms and dabbled in management.

Introduction to test.generative

Jennifer Smith gives brief demo of test.generative and talks about why she thinks it's an interesting and innovative way to think about verifying code correctness.

Jennifer Smith

Jen is a Software Developer for ThoughtWorks based in London, UK and one of the London Clojurian organisers and speakers.

Functional Web Architecture

James Reeves gives a talk for London Clojurians on Designing web applications using Ring and Compojure

James Reeves

James Reeves is the current lead developer of Ring, and is the author of a number of other Clojure web development libraries, including Compojure and Hiccup.

Who's coming?

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