Meet up

London Clojurians User Group

Tuesday, 7th August at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by The London Clojure Community in August 2012


Reviving uSwitch's Back Office with Clojure

A revolution is underway at Uswitch, the UKs leading energy comparison website. We will share our experience of using Clojure to rebuild a business critical component responsible for integrating with the UKs largest energy suppliers. Why was Clojure a good fit? What did we learn?

Ryan Greenhall

Ryan Greenhall is software developer at Forward where he is fortunate to work with a variety of different languages and technologies to build software that makes a difference to those it serves. He is passionate about building collabora

Functional composition

!!! Check the code of Chris' presentation on github right here!!! Music is one of the most naturally elegant and functional domains. It's a perfect fit for Clojure, which is why the Overtone audio environment makes hacking sound so much fun.

Chris Ford

Chris is a certified BABE (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Engineering), and consequentially an idiophile and technophobe. He began to make music with code partly to compensate for his poor technique, and partly because air piano is unsatisfying. When he works, he works for ThoughtWorks, though that isn't all the time.

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