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London Clojurians User Group

Tuesday, 4th September in London

This meetup was organised by The London Clojure Community in September 2012


Join us for this month's London Clojure User Group at Skills Matter on September 4th. This month, we have two lightning talks, and one in depth talk by Philip Potter: Andrew Cowper - Literate Programming with Clojure and Org Babel Neale Swinnerton - Clojure STM in a nutshell Philip Potter - Persistent Data Structures in Clojure

Lightening Talk! Literate Programming with Clojure and Org Babel

Clojure can be a very succinct language, and care needs to be taken to ensure code is readable. Literate Programming allows the developer to ensure his intent is communicated by freely mingling source code with descriptive text and exposition. Org is an Emacs application that allows the developer to write literate programs.

Andrew Cowper

Andrew has been a Clojure hobbyist since the beginning of 2009. He currently writes Java for a living and has worked for small startups and giant banks.

Clojure STM in a nutshell

Neale Swinnerton will delve into Clojure's Software Transactional Memory and discuss some of the WTF?'s you'll see along the way.

Neale Swinnerton

Neale Swinnerton has been developing professionally for more than 20 years. He thinks that complexity is the enemy and that we should all tackle it head on for the good of those that follow.

Persistent Data Structures in Clojure

One of Clojure's core features are persistent data structures - lists, vectors, hashes, and sets. What are they, how do they differ from the traditional ArrayLists, Strings, and HashMaps, and why would you want to use them?

Philip Potter

Philip Potter is a Web Operations Engineer for the Government Digital Service. He was a member of the infrastructure team that built GOV.UK, the website of the British Government.

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