Meet up

Performance in JavaScript

Tuesday, 13th November at The Skills Matter eXchange, London

This meetup is run by London Ajax User Group. Starts at 6:30 PM.

The topic for November is Performance. It's been over a year since the London Ajax User Group had an event focused on performance. In this month's UG there will be two talks focused on just that!

Performance in JavaScript

The talk will lean towards jQuery as the supporting technology however the tips and tricks discussed will apply to all javascript libraries, the implementations may just be a bit different.

Jonathan Fielding

Jonathan Fielding is a web developer that works in the marketing industry developing websites for clients like Virgin Active, Vodafone, Sony and BT.

Introducing Firefox OS

The second talk on performance at London Ajax. Piotr delivers an introduction to Firefox OS.

Piotr Zalewa

Piotr Zalewa is founder of MooShell and jsFiddle - tools for editing and sharing web snippets, a the Lead Developer of the Mozilla Addon Builder (working name FlightDeck) and a freelancer.

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