Meet up

London Clojure Community - November

Tuesday, 6th November at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by The London Clojure Community in November 2012


Clojure's got a brand new reducer

David Humphreys

For almost a decade, David has worked as a developer and consultant in various roles in the financial industry.

In 2014 he landed his dream job writing Clojure all day long with Juxt.


Jon Neale

Jon Neale is software developer at uSwitch where he has spent the last few years working with smart people to solve difficult problems in a variety of interesting languages and technologies.

Machine Learning With Clojure

Neale Swinnerton

Neale Swinnerton has been developing professionally for more than 20 years. He thinks that complexity is the enemy and that we should all tackle it head on for the good of those that follow.

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