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Tuesday, 27th November at Skills Matter, London

This meetup is run by London Titanium. Starts at 6:30 PM.

Join London Titanium for their first meetup at Skills Matter. Whether you want to get up to speed with Titanium or you're simply intrigued about this framework, join the group at Skills Matter on November 27th.

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Have you just started working with Titanium? Wonder where to start? What to ask? Who to ask? Where you should look? This is your talk.

Joe Lee

Joe Lee is a front-end developer doing “Enterprise JavaScript” by day. By night he likes to geek out and explore areas including a bit of hacking around with Titanium.

Titanium Platform

The annual Appcelerator Codestrong conference was hosted in San Francisco last month and a look forward to London Titanium events in the new year - including a unconference and a hackathon.

Ketan Majmudar

Ketan Majmudar is a mobile app freelancer, having worked for 13 years in the Web Industry, he has developed the SCI-FI-LONDON app, works on an app that gets the UK Community Policing to engage with the public using Social Media. He currently runs the

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