Meet up

London Ruby - December

Monday, 10th December at Skills Matter, London

This meetup is run by LRUG: London Ruby User Group. Starts at 6:30 PM.

This month, London Ruby User Group (LRUG) have talks on three topics. Claudio Ortolina and Joel Chippindale will deliver two lightning talks followed by an extended talk by Fredrrick Cheung.

Hermes, add wings to Ruby and Javascript development

A Vim/Tmux development environment to easily work with Ruby and Javascript.

Claudio Ortolina

Claudio works as a developer at New Bamboo (new-bamboo.co.uk) here in London.

My tests run faster than your tests

An introduction to Zeus (https://github.com/burke/zeus) and the approach it takes for making rails tests run lightning fast.

Joel Chippindale

Bath born, tea drinking, developer who currently enjoys Ruby and is the CTO at FutureLearn

Going Native

There have been many talks that show how to take the first steps in writing a ruby C extension. This isn't one of them. I propose instead to give an overview of different ways of extending ruby and show what each approach brings to the table. I intend to cover 'classic' C extensions, RubyInline and FFI across a range of ruby implementations.

Frederick Cheung

I'm Frederick Cheung, a UK based rails developer (fglc2 on twitter). I'm the CTO at dressipi, where we're revolutionising the way women shop for clothes. In the past I've written Mac desktop software, iOS apps and contributed to rails itself.

Who's coming?

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