Meet up

London Clojure - February

Tuesday, 5th February at Skills Matter, London

This meetup is run by The London Clojure Community. Starts at 6:00 PM.

Join the London Clojurians in February for a series of lightning talks on Clojure. Kicking off with Martin Trojer having fun with units.

Frinj - having fun with units

Frinj (https://github.com/martintrojer/frinj) is a practical unit-of-measure calculator DSL for Clojure. This flash talk will demonstrate some of it's key features and how it can be used with the LightTable InstaRepl to create a powerful calculator environment.

Martin Trojer

Martin has been doing Clojure full time for 4 years in various projects ranging from finance, property websites and IOT startups. Currently he is head of engineering at Opensensors.io building solutions with a Clojure backend and frontend stack. He is very interested in programming languages and is always trying to learn new (and old!) ones.

Interop Glue

This talk discusses some of the finer points of clojure interop and the techniques you can use to lessen the impedance mismatch between functional code and crufty APIs.

Jennifer Smith

Jen is a Software Developer for ThoughtWorks based in London, UK and one of the London Clojurian organisers and speakers.

Using EDN in Python and Ruby

The EDN data exchange format allows Clojure data structures to be consumed by other languages. This lightning talk offers some demos of doing exactly that and also offers some reasons as to why you might want to do that.

Robert Rees

Robert Rees is currently a Developer Manager at the Guardian and the former CTO of Wazoku. He started his career as a tester and went on to be a C and Java developer in telecoms and dabbled in management.

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