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London Lua (Feat. Lua's creator Roberto Ierusalimschy!)


Tuesday, 22nd January in London

This meetup was organised by London Lua in January 2013


The creator of Lua, Roberto Ierusalimschy, is going to be visiting London this month, so we are having a special meetup in his honour! We are going to have two short talks, plus a Q&A about Lua with Roberto. We will be giving away a (signed!) copy of the newly released edition of Programming in Lua, hot off the press.

Adapting Lua to an old OS

This brief talk points out the problems of marrying RISC OS and Lua, and how the flexibility of Lua makes that possible.

Gavin Wraith

Gavin Wraith studied Classics at Winchester College in 50s, and went on to study Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at Cambridge and Courant Institute, before becoming Reader in Mathematics at Sussex University, and Toposes at Matematisk Institut in

Using LLVM to generate Lua bindings

LLVM is a new(ish) open source compiler suite developed by Apple and others. It provides libraries which can be used, among other things, to analyse C code and easily generate bindings for C and C++ code to Lua without too much tedious manual work.

Justin Cormack

Justin is a developer at Unikernel Systems who has been working on unikernels and making systems software more accessible for some years.

Lua Q&A with Roberto Ierusalimschy, creator of Lua

Back in 1993 Roberto created Lua in Rio, and has remained its benevolent dictator. Come and ask any questions about its past, present and future.

Roberto Ierusalimschy

Roberto is the leading architect of the Lua programming language and the author of Programming in Lua, and is also responsible for introducing Parsing Expression Grammars as a formalism over ad-hoc regular expression structures.

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