Meet up

Introduction to Kotlin

Wednesday, 3rd April in London

This meetup was organised by Skills Matter In The Brain in April 2013


Introduction to Kotlin

Join Kotlin project lead Andrey Breslav to learn about Kotlin, a modern statically typed language targeting JVM and JavaScript and intended for industrial use.

The main goal behind this project is to create a language that would be a good tool for developers, i.e. will be safe, concise, flexible, 100% Java-compatible and well-supported by IDE and other tooling.

Kotlin is an open-source project developed by JetBrains, creators of IntelliJ IDEA and ReSharper, with the help of the community. At this talk, Andrey Breslav (Kotlin project lead) gives an overview of the language and the principles behind it.

Among other things, the following features will be covered:

  • Static null-safety
  • Extension functions
  • Higher-order functions and type-safe builders
  • Smart casts: Kotlin's lightweight pattern matching
  • Enhancing existing Java APIs with Kotlin
  • Developing mixed Kotlin/Java projects

To find out more about Kotlin, please refer to the website. Want to join the discussion on Twitter? Follow @project_kotlin for updates, progress and more!

Andrey Breslav

Andrey is the lead language designer working on Project Kotlin at JetBrains (

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